Why was the movie title changed?


The trailer of Puriyatha Puthir was released yesterday, on the 30th of October. Puriyatha Puthir, earlier titled Mellisai, is one among those multiple movies which underwent a title change.

Here are a few examples where movies were rechristened:

1. Sandiyar was renamed as Virumaandi.
2. Auto was changed to Oram Po.
3. Godfather was rechristened to Varalaru
4. MASS became Massu Engira Masilamani

While Sandiyar was renamed as Virumaandi due to opposition from certain outfits, the other 3 movies underwent a name change for tax benefits. Mellisai was renamed as Puriyatha Puthir because the title made more sense with regard to the genre of the film. To quote Gayathrie from her chat to Mythirai, “Both the titles Mellisai and Puriyatha Puthir are fine for the film, but with Puriyatha Puthir, you know what to expect about the genre of the film. Mellisai, even though we said it was a mystery thriller, the title may not have given the same impact. But PP does it.”

Share your thoughts about other movies which got renamed.